UCMS Self Service Portal

Empower Users and Save Time

Unified Self Service Portal allows identity holders to manage their credentials and services more simply and efficiently. Identity holder can get instant access to the services and resources they need, when they need them from anywhere. The solution offers a consumer-style experience to allow customers to improve the relationship with end-users and boost productivity.

SecuEra UCMS Self-Service Portal can be completely customized for each customer with the help of SecuEra’s professional services. In just a few clicks, you can apply for a new credential, manage an existing credential, change your PIN, update your biometrics, update your health records, or even report a lost or stolen token.

Self Service Portal provides following features currently and can easily include additional features based on customer’s request.

  • Activate Your Credental

    Activate your credential and assign a new PIN

  • Change Your PIN

    Change your credential PIN

  • Reset Your PIN

    Reset your credential PIN

  • Update Credential Biometrics

    Update your credential fingerprint biometrics

  • Read Your Credential

    Read your credential with our Credential Reader to verify your credential is working properly

  • Report A Lost or Stolen Credential

    Report a lost, damaged, or stolen credential, This action will disable it on this UCMS server

  • Update Your Personal Health Records

    Update your personal health records on the credential

  • New Applicant Registration

    Not a credential holder, you must obtain your secure ID Begin Application Process