Success through Teamwork

A strategic partnership between people and companies is very important when providing a complete solution to customers. Strong partnership is also the key for new innovation and success.

No one should stand alone. Collaboration between companies to meet customer specific demands can offer best-of-breed solution to clients.

Being a SecuEra Partner Means Sharing Resources, Benefits and Recognition for Success

The SecuEra Partner Network offers benefits for all types of companies and members. Community of Partners that provide hardware and software products combined with SecuEra products, create solutions and services to secure identity and access management anytime, anywhere.

The SecuEra Partner Network Covers 3 Main Areas

  • Reseller Partners: Companies that resell and market SecuEra products and solutions.
  • Application Partners: Companies that develop products that is complementary to SecuEra products and solutions.
  • Hardware Vendor Partners: Companies that provide certified hardware such as credentials, readers, personalization technologies that SecuEra integrates with and resells.

Partner Network offers many benefits that are passed onto our customers that represent tangible and unique, competitive marketplace to provide superior solutions and cost savings.

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