SecuEra’s Unified Credential Management System (UCMS)

Complete Life Cycle Management of Digital Identities

In recent times, management of applicants, their authorization, and their authentication is increasingly being important for organizations in every vertical. In order to increase security and productivity a simplified identity and credential management system must be deployed to issue secure electronic credentials.

  • What is the need?

    Organizations are adapting to new technologies to increase internal and external security, however remembering multiple passwords still remain a challenge for end users. These challenges are not limited to these aspects but extend to:

    • Building a single secured access gateway for internal, external and cloud applications
    • Enabling effective auditing along with management of all interactions
    • Deploying new tools and applications which are ready for future initiatives
    • Implementing applications that enable BYOD and SSO
  • SecuEra Solutions

    Since organizations seek for more consistent and logical access control, SecuEra UCMS is a Unified Credential Management System which is built to securely issue and manage smart cards/tokens and mobile credentials. With the organizations facing tough security challenges, SecuEra UCMS is a flexible product built to satisfy the requirements of every market such as Government, Enterprise, Healthcare and Education.

    UCMS enables the organizations to create, use the trusted digital identities for their employees, citizens and devices. It makes sure that only authorized individuals access the devices, cloud, logical network and premises of organizations.

    SecuEra UCMS enables organizations to enroll individual applicants, confirm their identities, issue credentials and even personalize them. SecuEra UCMS data screens can be configured to add extra custom fields to ensure right data is being entered during enrollment. Customers can also confirm the people and their identities through visual checks or integration with 3rd party database checks. The SecuEra UCMS enable organizations to register applicant's demographic data, scanned supporting documents, signatures, fingerprints, facial image and other features during enrollment.


    The product offers some unique features that make it a complete end-to-end solution:

    • Security enforcement policies to stay clear off all possible security threats
    • Deliver best-in-class performance adhering to international standards of FIPS, ICAO
    • Compatibility with Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) standards and Personal Identity Verification-Interoperable (PIV-I)
    • Flexible interface that enables tailored branding
    • Add a wide range of custom factors without code modification
    • Multi factor biometric validation
    • Self-service portal enabling customers to request for change, update, renew credentials
    • Online and offline user enrollment
    • Various UI themes and language support
    • Reliable and flexible architecture with user-centric design
    • Supports major smartcard credentials and token configurations
    • Competency to integrate with wide-ranging certificate authorities such as Windows 2008 and 2012 CA, Entrust Authority and EJBCA / Primekey
    • Competency to integrate with wide-ranging directory sources such as LDAP & Database repositories, electronic healthcare record systems and 3rd party physical access systems
    • Detailed reports and application logs
    • Email notifications, broadcasts messaging and audit logs

  • UCMS for All Market Spaces


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