Evolving, deploying and supervising end user mobile applications are another key area SecuEra is skilled at. In today’s era, where maximum population relies on their mobile devices, we believe it the best resource for implementing applications especially the ones the targets security and management of device, data and people. With a team of innovative and technically sound professionals, SecuEra has managed to advance mobile applications promising latest features driven by latest technology that are simply meant to make your lives simpler and better.

  • UCMS Mobile

    SecuEra Mobile UCMS: Credential and Manage Identities Anywhere

    SecuEra’s flagship product UCMS can now be utilized anywhere, anytime in form of the mobile application. It offers a secure login, registration, credentialing and lifecycle management. It’s fast, easy to access and works even without internet access.

    The APP features are listed below:

    • Secured login via username, password, PIN, fingerprint and IRIS
    • Register a new user and fetch the workflows assigned to the operator from the Local database.
    • Offline enrolment that allows to complete credentialing steps for end user without internet access
    • Credentialing steps for end users: Prerequisites, Demographic Info and optional Biometrics Info
    • Background verification from UCMS server after syncing from mobile end
    • Push Notification on regular intervals to UCMS server
    • Manage Credential life cycle of the cards already issued
    • Sync a user or list of user's with UCMS web service
    • Handling duplicates while syncing on UCMS server
    • Support Derived credentials
    • Status of the user for the steps of credentialing completed so far
    • Display Broadcast messages on the screen
    • Authentication methods for activating Web services: Scan a QR code or SMS for activation of Mobile UCMS from UCMS server
    • Select Multiple workflows for different roles
    • Personalization of credentials using external card printer

    So, credentialing end users in remote locations is of no difficulties now. It just takes a smartphone or tablet installed with our application and you are ready to go.

  • E-ID Verify

    e-ID Verify: Protected Access to Credentials Anytime, Anywhere

    Digital credentialing has taken a step ahead by including mobile devices in the game. Recognizing the importance of mobile devices in today’s digitally driven era, SecuEra introduces a mobile/tablet focused application e-ID Verify that allows reading and writing information on the credential such as smartcard.

    e-ID Verify offers the features listed below:

    • Read the card information via Bluetooth
    • Supports NFC devices which can be used for DesFire cards for reading and writing the information on card
    • Select the type of card from a range of PIV (PIV/ PIV-I/CIV ), DesFire cards and e-passport
    • Secure login gateway via protected PIN, fingerprint and iris
    • Provision for PIV-Derived(PIV-D) Mobile Credentials to ensure that security levels are not tampered during remote access
    • Read demographic and biometric information such as facial image and fingerprints
    • Access to both printed and encoded information on the card
    • Supports external hardware: Bluetooth card reader and fingerprint reader
    • Compatible with Android OS

    With almost everyone having access to a smartphones and tablets these days, SecuEra e-ID Verify App allows a user friendly platform to read and write the information on card without compromising on security standards.

  • Mobile ID

    SecuEra’s Mobile ID is a digital wallet that enables users to cohesively and securely access multiple credentials instantly, on your mobile device and web browser with the ability to simutaneously connect to multiple applications. Mobile ID boasts strong security features such as strong authentication and transaction validation which utilizes OTP and PKI, allowing for enhanced online security and usability.

    Mobile ID wallet is single secure solution for visual and logical access, authentication, and authorization on mobile devices. Mobile ID stores digital PKI certificates inside your phones secure storage or secure element. Users can then use this digital certificate while authenticating, signing, or encrypting emails and data.

  • PHR: Staying Healthy Made Easy

    Digital health record management has emerged as a productive step in the health care industry. Effective utilization of a Personal Health Record App presumes the existence of an advantageous strategy to develop planned medical details.

    SecuEra concentrates on development of patients and their families by presenting a Personal

    Health Record App (PHR) that assists in keeping track of medications, physicians, dates, etc. PHR is designed in a way to ensure direct and accurate communication with health care providers. SecuEra PHR allows recording and management of patient medical information and also reduces potentially fatal medical errors, which can occur with incorrect patient medical information.

    Let’s have a look at the features that PHR offers:

    • Easy login and Sign up with password recovery option. PHR App can be accessed anywhere anytime on compatible devices like Smartphones or Tablets.
    • Basic information can be stored such as name, age, blood group and insurance policy details for multiple users.
    • Record of prescription and non-prescription medications along with the start/end dates and health care providers can be kept.
    • It also provides options to save and update past medical and surgical history. PHR also allows keeping track of routine laboratory test, imaging for e.g. CT scan, MRI, X-ray.
    • An allergy list can be constructed. Allergies or sensitivities to food, medications, animals, etc. can be listed with corresponding allergic reaction and treatment.
    • PHR also allows saving the immunizations history along with the reactions. Ancillary aids can be listed e.g., contact lenses, wheelchairs, inhaler, dentures, etc.
    • Documentation of social history e.g., alcohol/tobacco/illicit drug use, occupation, marital status, veteran status etc. can be done.
    • Set physician appointments and other health events with an option to sync with default phone calendar.
    • PHR can integrate with smartcard technology that enables to access health records anytime. It is a safe and encrypted point of access to record and read accurate information.
    • User can maintain a date-wise dietary log that records meal intakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. This information can be updated, deleted and transferred to e-mail.
    • PHR also allows saving blood pressure along with other details such as date and time. The same details can be exported to e-mail.
    • Never miss a medicine dose as PHR allows user to set multiple medication reminders. It can be used for multiple members of the family. It gives an option to access multiple accounts, health records for all family members in one device.
    • So forget about maintaining a file with a list of prescription medications and health care providers. Instead just update your health information using SecuEra PHR and you are ready to go with your health record in hand.

  • SecuEra Self Defense

    SecuEra Self Defense App (SSD) is a great companion in emergency situations. It is designed to alert quickly your emergency contacts in case of health or crime crisis. It is designed to work in silent mode or one click operation. No matter where you are, SSD application uses precise GPS location to accurately let your emergency contacts know where you are in time of need.

    Here are its quick features:

    • Press the power button 4 times to send a silent crime alert. It would probably involve 6-7 steps to dial any contact in a Smartphone, but with the SSD App a user can send the alert in 1-2 clicks.
    • SSD offers single click operation for health or crime emergency. After selecting between crime or health emergency, a customized message along with location is sent to the registered contacts.
    • SSD is compatible with major Smartphones such as iPhone, Android Smartphones and Tablets and supports multi- language platforms.
    • The flashlight allows user to find their way out the dark. It works as an all-purpose torch in a single click.
    • Messages and contact list can also be customized. The SSD “SETTINGS” option allows the user to customize contacts for a specific type of emergency. For instance:
      Crime: You may save the police Helpline number under this group along with other contacts.
      Health: Your personal doctor and health emergency Helpline can be a part of this group of contacts.
      SSD App is created by SecuEra Technologies Inc. the company that does more to protect you and your data. We are pleased to provide you the simple App that may help save lives in emergency situations.